Prince Philip’s life as a family man and war hero seen in series of colourised photographs

THE Duke of Edinburgh’s life as a family man and a military hero can be seen in a series of photographs that were colourised as a tribute to the royal.

One shows him with the Queen and their children Prince Charles and Princess Anne after the announcement of the Her Majesty’s third pregnancy in 1959.

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The four royals were also seen pictured in 1955 with The Shah of Persia and his wife, Queen Soraya during a private visit to the UK.

The Duke was photographed wearing a chequered shirt with a neckerchief as he danced at the Ottawa Barn Dance in 1951. 

Another image shows the royal sitting proudly as he posed for a photo wearing his uniform of Marshall for the Royal Air Force in 1953.

While his heart lay at sea with the Royal Navy, Philip was a keen aviator. He received his wings in 1953 and clocked up more than 6,000 flying hours.

In another picture, the late Prince can be seen giving a salute on board a military vehicle as he passed through Edinburgh in 1948.

He put his feet up in a another colourised shot taken at the River Dee in Cheshire in 1970.

And another picture shows a fresh-faced Philip beaming as a youngster in 1935.

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