Protective cat bites owner to 'rescue' crying baby from his arms

Feline worried! Protective cat BITES her owner to ‘rescue’ crying baby from his arms

  • Baby boy Demarkus was being cuddled by father Angelo when he began to cry
  • Their one-year-old cat Cecilia leapt to the boy’s defence and bit the doting father
  • Mother Dewanie said the moggie was being protective because she heard crying
  • Video clip was filmed at their family home in Davao City, the Philippines

This is the moment an overly protective pet cat bit her owner to force him to let go of his crying baby.

One-year-old moggie Cecilia became ‘worried’ when baby Demarkus started to cry in his father Angelo’s arms as he tried to get him to sleep.

The cat was filmed going to the baby’s defence at the family’s home in Davao City, the Philippines.

In the video, Cecilia sits watching as Angelo tries to get his son to sleep.

But still in the mood to play, Demarkus kicks up a fuss as his father cuddles him to get him ready for a nap. 

The baby’s cries appear to distress the cat who then climbs onto Angelo before biting him on his arms and back in an attempt to ‘free’ Demarkus.

Angelo doesn’t appear to feel the cat at first but soon her bites sink a little deeper and he is forced to leave the baby on the bed.

The boy’s mother Dewanie Catapang said it was the baby’s nap time but he still wanted to play so he started to cry.

Overly protective pet cat Cecilia was seen biting owner Angelo to force him to let go of his baby when he started crying. The footage was filmed at their family home in Davao City, the Philippines

She said: ‘Our baby wanted to play more but it was already his nap time. His dad held him so he cried.

‘We didn’t realise it would make our cat worried. She was trying to protect him.’

Cats are known to become protective of young humans who they view as ‘people kittens’, with various accounts of felines raising the alarm if a baby suddenly becomes ill, according to

The charity, which works to educate owners about their cats, says felines cats do not plot or plan to do things to children ‘through jealousy or vengefulness’ and in some cases have even saved abandoned babies’ lives.

In 2015 a stray cat, a tabby named Marsha, saved the life of an abandoned newborn in Obninsk, Russia, by climbing into the box the infant had been dumped in to stop the child from from freezing to death. 

The site however warns not to leave a cat and a baby together unattended as ‘most scratches are due to a cat fending off an inquisitive grasping or crawling baby’.

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