Rescue teams searching for Brit hiker Esther Dingley find body of man who vanished last month in Spanish Pyrenees

SEARCH teams hunting for missing Brit hiker Esther Dingley have found the body of a man who went missing last month but still no trace of her.

Esther, 37, vanished in November while on a lone hike in the Spanish Pyrenees and despite an extensive search there have been zero sightings.

Warmer spring weather has led to snow melting and teams have begun combing the Pic de Sauvegarde on the French-Spanish border where she was last seen.

It led to the discovery of mountaineer Miguel Villarroya, 68, who went missing last month while on a climbing expedition.

Esther is one of two people who have gone missing in the area in the last six months and her boyfriend Dan Colegate said he feared the "terrifying prospect" that "somebody else was involved" in her disappearance.

Esther and Dan had been travelling together in the Pyrenees before the former personal trainer headed off on a four-week solo hiking trip between France and Spain. 

But just three days before she was due to return to the village of Benasque, Spain, the travel blogger vanished.

Yesterday a French mountain rescue source said: "We are still looking for Esther and another Spanish man who went missing and we are working closely with our colleagues over the border in Spain.

“All options on Esther are being kept open, even the theory of a non-accident."

A total of six people have gone missing in the same region as Esther in the past 15 years, authorities have revealed.

Esther and Dan had been travelling across Europe for six years in a camper van after moving from their home in Durham.

The last contact she had with him was on November 22 to say she had reached the top of the Pic de Sauvegarde and was on her way back.

But Esther failed to turn up.

In a post on the couple's Facebook page, Dan dismissed speculation that she voluntarily disappeared because she was unhappy in their relationship as "salacious nonsense".

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