Russia-Ukraine war death toll: How many people have died during the invasion?

THE death toll of the Russian invasion continues to grow as the war stretches past the one month mark.

Russian President Vladimir Putin maintains that Russian losses in the invasion are limited but the Ukraine war death toll could be much higher.

What is the Russia-Ukraine war death toll?

As with any ongoing military conflict accurate and independently verified figures are hard to find.

Both sides are playing out a propaganda battle as well as a military one as claims and counter-claims are made.

Mariupol City Council revealed that 300 people died in the bombing of a theatre, despite the word "children" being written on the outside.

On March 2, the Kremlin only admitted to 498 deaths of Russian troops.

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However, the Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that 9,861 soldiers had died, according to the Russia's defence ministry, with a further 16,153 injured.

Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky was killed by a Ukrainian sniper, on March 3, and since then another four generals are believed to have been killed.

It is thought that Russia is secretly transporting corpses of fallen soldiers through Belarus.

Ukraine's Ministry of Defence said: "“Russia has not suffered so many casualties during the fighting in any of its armed conflicts since its inception.”

Ukraine said that more than 2,870 Ukrainian soldiers and "nationalists" fighting on the side of Russia have been killed, and around 3,700 wounded.



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The last update on Ukrainian soldiers came on March 13 when President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, annoounced that at least 1,300 soldiers have died.

Russia previously had claimed that death toll was around 2,800.

The war is also claiming the lives of civilian men, women and children.

The UN was able to confirm 977 Ukrainian civilian deaths by March 22, 2022.

On March 21, a shopping centre outside of Kyiv, Ukraine, was bombed which resulted in eight civilian fatalities.

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This was the latest in a series of attacks on civilians in Ukraine where residential areas have been shelled.

As of March 23, the UN reported that around 121 children are confirmed to have been killed.

A baby caught in the crossfire at Mariupol is among the youngest who lost their lives.

How many people have been injured in the Ukraine invasion?

Russia admitted on March 2, 2022, that 1,597 of its troops had been injured.

The leaked report suggested that the number is in actuality closer to 16k soldiers.

Ukraine has not released injury numbers for its own soldiers.

In addition to military injuries, 1,594 civilians in Ukraine have been hurt, the UN Human Rights office announced.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused his Russian counterpart of committing war crimes.

Johnson accused Putin of "abhorrent" attacks on Ukraine's capital Kyiv and in Kharhiv while video footage appears to show vacuum bombs being used by Russian forces.

The killer weapon uses the oxygen of the surrounding air to produce a high-temperature explosion.

Western officials fear Putin will turn to total war and his attacks will also include other weapons such as the horrifying "hail" launchers, the BM-21 Grads.

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