Sexiest Bald Men

The multilingual actor and former male fashion model, Boris Kodjoe, was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People Magazine in 2002. For us now without hair in 2010, he has moved up in ranking to at least top five.

Michael Jordan is the father of the bald head. The basketball great made being bald sexy when men were still afraid to go bald.

Tyrese’s bald head has rendered us speechless since his 1994 Coca-Cola commercial. Now seeing his shaven head on the silver screen w still has us lost for words.

Actor Omar Epps is without a doubt the sexiest neurologist to grace our television screens. As he operates on people’s brain on the hit show, ‘House,’ we can’t but imagine playing doctor with this bald cutie.

Singer/actor/comedian Jamie Foxx usually keeps his hair choices unpredictable, but when he shaved his head we fell is love.

Tupac rocked his bald head with swag. The iconic hip-hop legend wooed us with his rhymes and made us want to rub his bald head every time he rocked the mic.

Vin Diesel made us fall fast and furiously for him back in early 2000 with his buzzed off mane. He’s one man on the list that really isn’t as attractive when he does have hair.

We were happy to hear how open Ne-Yo was about his hair loss. With our without hair he still makes us swoon.

You may have been so focused on this rapper-turned-actors lips, you might not even have noticed there wasn’t any hair on top of his head. Many of us wouldn’t mind planting a kiss on LL Cool J’s shiny dome.

Movie and television star Terry Crews is built like a machine, and we enjoy seeing every single muscle — even the ones on his head.

We couldn’t be more ecstatic when rapper Common decided to pursue the more visual art of acting. We could never get tired of seeing this charming bald man on the big screen, or in our dreams…

Power forward for the Boston Celtic’s, Kevin Garnett, goes hard in the paint, and having hair just isn’t an option. Watching him play with his bald head and manly perspiration, makes it easy for many of to warm a bench.

Sexual Chocolate! We can’t remember when actor Morris Chestnut went from his fade to being completely bald, but this man would still be fine if he decided to grow a mullet.

Taye Diggs has a mega watt smile that all the girls go crazy over. It really gets no better than this. His bald head is sexy and sophisticated on him.

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