Shanghai reopening 205 cinemas that closed due to COVID-19

After two months of being shut down due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, Chinese officials announced Thursday that they are planning to reopen 205 cinemas on Saturday.

The teeming metropolis of more than 24 million people is one of the first major cities to reopen multiplexes to the public after many of the outlying cities were opened last week.

While the first batch is confirmed for Saturday, the rest of the 175 theatres will open “in an orderly manner when the conditions are right” the official Xinhua news agency said, referring to comments made by Yin Xin, the Shanghai municipal government spokesperson, during a coronavirus prevention conference.

In order to encourage movie-goers to come back to the cinemas, the Shanghai Film Bureau and the Propaganda office are offering a program that subsidizes ticket prices for a full month. Through April 26, anyone buying tickets through an online ticketing app is able to purchase up to four tickets for a very low price.

The main film distributor, China Film Corp, is re-releasing 20 films to cinemas to draw in crowds, as many people are still scared to be anywhere that has a mass gathering of people.

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