Shocking moment 'toddler murderer', 27, grabs detective's GUN in police interview room sparking wild fight

CHILLING video captured a desperate man's struggle with several cops after allegedly confessing to killing a toddler.

Terrell Rhodes, 27, became so incensed inside of a Las Vegas police interrogation room after allegedly confessing to punching 2-year-old Amari Nicholson to death for wetting himself, that he started to flail and reach for a detective’s holstered gun forcing several detectives to burst into the room and bring him back into custody.

“Let me go. I can’t go back. I can’t go back,” were the shrieking words of an inconsolable Rhodes whose right hand was handcuffed to a table inside of a room, according to KATV.

Two Las Vegas Metropolitan detectives – a woman and a man – enter the room and the woman moves a Coke can away from Rhodes to the other side of the table.

As they start to undo his right hand restraint Rhodes can be seen turning violent, stepping up onto the chair and then clawing for the woman’s gun. 

The man yells, “Gun! Gun! Gun!”

It would take three more detectives to enter the room to back up their fellow cops and successfully secure Rhodes. 

The man put up such heavy resistance that the woman cop was seen throwing several left punches to his head and then hopping completely on top the table on her knees in a frantic effort to cuff him. 

Rhodes had been brought in for questioning on May 11 about the murder of Nicholson, who was last seen alive six days earlier according to police.

Rhodes had finished detailing how he inflicted several punishing blows to the little boy for urinating on himself.

The attack was so severe that Rhodes described the boy turning blue and purple and stopped breathing. 

He allegedly also drew a map for the police to pinpoint where he hid the toddler's remains.

The boy's body was found on May 12 near an asphalt overhang by Siegel Suites and a McDonald’s.

Police say during the struggle, Rhodes repeatedly told them "Kill me" and that he didn’t want to live, KATV reported.

He also could be heard threatening: “I'm going to kill a mother f*****”

The video quits after the cops turn the tables on Rhodes and appear to wrest him under control. 

Rhodes pleaded not guilty to first degree murder in Nicholson’s death when he was arraigned on June 2, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.  

He now faces assault with the use of a deadly weapon and resisting a public officer with the use of a firearm. 

Rhodes has served prison time for burglary and robbery priors back in 2017 and 2018, the publication noted, citing court records.


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