Singer from Russia’s scandalous ‘lesbian’ girl band Tatu vows to take on Putin’s enemies as she stands to be an MP

SCANDALOUS Tatu star Yulia Volkova is battling to become a Russian MP after ditching pop for politics.

The former member of the outrageous "lesbian" duo plans to stand in September’s parliamentary elections to take on Vladimir Putin's rivals.

And she already has the backing of officials from United Russia – the huge country's ruling party.

“I have taken the first step,” she said, vowing Putin’s political foes “will not catch up with us”.

However, she did not give any more details about her political manifesto or her views. 

Eighteen years ago she and bandmate Lena Katina caused a storm when they burst on the international scene as Tatu.

They caused controversy across Europe as they kissed and cuddled on stage while wearing skimpy school uniforms.

Children's groups reacted with outrage amid claims their act was a marketing stunt promoting homosexuality among vulnerable teenagers.

In Britain, she enraged Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan who launched a campaign to ban a pop video showing them romping in the rain for their No1 song All The Things She Said.

ITV refused to play the clip  on Ant and Dec's morning music show CD:UK, insisting: “It is not really suitable for children.”

At their height, Volkova and Katina, both now 36, defied their critics and topped the charts in many Western countries as well as Russia.

Sergei Perminov, deputy secretary of the United Russia general council, confirmed Volkova had been registered in an open primary to be a candidate for the country’s parliament – or State Duma –  from Ivanovo. 

“Volkova  is participating,” he said. "We are an open party – we invite everyone to participate in our selection procedure, bold candidates, interesting, bright, honest, professional. 

"People will decide who is worthy to represent them in the State Duma.”

The election is likely to face widespread criticism amid the banning of supporters of jailed Putin foe Alexei Navalny whose FBK foundation is poised to be officially labelled "extremist", making it illegal.

Meanwhile pro-Putin parties are seeking to recruit new loyalist  candidates to give them a fresh face. 

After the pop group broke up in 2011, Volkova embarked on a solo career as a singer and actress.

Two years ago she hit the headlines after fans slammed her for plastic surgery which  “changed her face” and made her look “scary".

They claimed she had a “natural beauty” now replaced by a “rubber look” as she also sheds weight.

One posted: “Michael Jackson is alive.”

A male Russian fan branded her a “scarecrow” while a female follower complained:  “Why did you have your cheeks and lips done? 

“Are you going to leave anything natural at all?  Isn’t it clear for you that your fans do not like it….?

“It is scary to look at you. You’’re not 70 years old. You are too young to have plastic surgery and  do your lips….”

But despite being slammed, the star said she was “happy” with the results. 

In 2016 Volkova announced she had beaten thyroid cancer and required surgeries in Germany and South Korea before recovering her singing voice.

Volkova and Katina reunited at the opening of the Russian Winter Olympics in 2014.

While Tatu was seen as a fake lesbian phenomenon, Volkova suggested much later that she was bisexual.

"I still like boys and girls,” she said.

"Even my current husband Volodya, sitting in front of me, would confirm that he knows about my stories with the girls. 

“For me, this is a current issue. Quite recently, I had a girlfriend that I liked.This is not even the echoes of the past, this is what I now live in.”

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