Stepmom charged over missing boy Samuel Olson, 6, wrote about 'horns' holding up her 'halo' in haunting post

THE stepmom charged in the disappearance of Samuel Olsen, 6, shared a chilling post about "horns" holding up her "halo" to Facebook.

Theresa Balboa, 29, was arrested after a child's body was found inside a tote bag in a motel in Jasper, Texas, police said on Wednesday.

The remains have not yet been identified by a medical examiner, but authorities believe they are Samuel's.

The boy was reported missing last week, but police believe he actually vanished a month earlier.

Balboa made the chilling "horns" reference in a Facebook post last summer.

"You're only as innocent as the horns holding up your halo," the image, which she used as a Facebook cover photo, read.

Balboa, who is engaged to Samuel's father Dalton Olson, has been charged with tampering with evidence and may face additional charges, police confirmed during a news conference on Wednesday.

Balboa's family and Olsen have expressed shock that she could have anything to do with the child's disappearance.

"I am just at a loss for words. I just don't understand. I'm in complete shock," her cousin, Stephanie Worth, told The Sun.

Olsen told local outlet KPRC 2 that he is completely blindsided by the charges.

“I don’t know what’s going on. I found out what happened last night,” he said. “I can barely breathe.”

Balboa had initially told police that she had given Samuel back to his biological mother, Sarah Olson, on Thursday when she showed up at her home with a man she believed to be a police officer.

Balboa said she last saw Samuel in the 8800 block of McAvoy Drive in Houston, Texas, telling KTRK: "I was going to take Sam to school when his mother showed up with the police officer…or who I was under the impression to be a police officer, and they demanded me to release Sam.”

She continued that she had to hand over the child because she has no legal rights to him.

Houston Police Department Executive Assistant Larry Satterwhite confirmed that cops have not verified the version of events Balboa provided.

Satterwhite said Samuel’s last known sighting was at Holbrook Elementary School as far back as April 2021.

Issuing a statement through her attorneys on Tuesday, the child's mother Sarah said she didn't know where her son was and hadn't seen him since January 2020.

One of her attorneys, Marco González, described her as being "completely devastated" and feeling like the system and court let her down. 

He said his client has been in cooperation with investigators but does not feel comfortable talking to the media. 

González said Balboa's accusations implicating that she had something to do with her son’s disappearance is false, saying that there are "too many holes in that story."

Samuel's father Dalton previously told FOX 26 he and his fiancee had a "routine" that saw the youngster predominantly staying with her.

When asked why, he said Balboa would help watch the boy because he didn't have a car and worked long hours in construction.

"I've literally tried to do everything from the very beginning to do what's best for my son," he said.

Since Balboa's arrest it has been revealed just months before Samuel vanished, Olson sought a restraining order against Balboa after she allegedly choked him.

Balboa was charged with assaulting and "impeding [the] breath of the child's father in November 2020, Click2Houston reported.

Olson was granted a restraining order against her, barring Balboa from having any direct contact with him or his family members.

However, the couple said they have moved past their issues when speaking to reporters on Sunday, with Olson insisting "this is about Sam."

Olson added that Samuel wasn't around at the time of the choking incident.

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