Teens accused in fatal carjacking of Uber Eats driver to reportedly get cushy plea deal

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The two teen girls accused of killing an Uber driver in a botched carjacking in Washington, DC, in March are expected to reach a plea deal with prosecutors in the case.

The bargain should be reached in the coming days, but it’s unclear if it will fully resolve the case, according to the Washington Post.

The girls are due back in court on April 20 to discuss the status of the case, the outlet said.

The pair, ages 13 and 15, have been charged with felony murder, carjacking and armed robbery in the deadly incident, which they allegedly carried out near Nationals Park in the Southeast section of the nation’s capital.

Under DC law, the 13-year-old can’t be charged as an adult — even in a murder case, according to the Post. The 15-year-old suspect could be charged as an adult, but that would increase the burden of proof on prosecutors, the report said.

In juvenile court in the district, defendants who are found “responsible” — meaning guilty — may only be jailed until the age of 21, according to the outlet.

Driver Mohammad Anwar, 66, was killed during the attempted carjacking last month as the two girls, allegedly armed with a Taser, tried to navigate the car down the street, cops said.

Anwar, who was hanging onto the vehicle, was fatally injured when the girls crashed, according to cops.

The Pakistani immigrant, who lived in nearby Virginia, suffered a head injury and later died, police said.

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