Terrifying moment firework fails to launch and explodes on the ground

Terrifying moment firework fails to launch and explodes on the ground sending revellers fleeing

  • Revellers in Hillingdon, London, attempted to light rocket stood in a plant pot 
  • The firework appears to get stuck in the pot and fails to launch as the fuse burns
  • Onlookers are forced to flee for cover as the firework explodes in their garden
  • Terrifying moment it exploded is captured on the homeowner’s doorbell camera 

This is the terrifying moment revellers are sent fleeing after alit rocket gets stuck in a plant pot and fails to launch.

The shocking incident was caught on a homeowner’s doorbell camera in Hayes, London, this weekend as Diwali celebrations took place across the capital.

In the video, which was shared on Instagram by @UB1UB2 , revellers can be seen lighting the firework in a nearby plant pot in the front garden.

As the observers step back and wait for the fuse to burn down, it becomes clear the firework has not launched as sparks begin to fly around the garden.

Once they have realised the firework is stuck, those stood watching run for cover before the firework explodes.

A firework which became stuck in a plant pot exploded in a front garden, sending sparks flying everywhere and revellers running for cover all of which was captured on their doorbell cam

With a deafening crack, the explosion sends sparks careering in every direction including in close proximity to a nearby car.

Fortunately, it appears no one was injured during the explosion.

The video was shared online and has been seen more than 39,000 times with hundreds of social media users sharing their own experiences in solidarity.  

Onlookers stood back after lighting the firework’s fuse before realising it had failed to launch

The shocking footage captured moment of the explosion in the Hillingdon home’s front garden

The annual festival of Diwali usually lasts five days and represents the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

Usually thousands of people from numerous faiths gather in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the festival of light but this year, festivities have been restricted due to the pandemic. 

Despite celebrations were cancelled due to coronavirus this year, London landmarks were lit up to mark the festival this weekend. 

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