The View's Joy Behar says Trump fans are 'lowest denominator' as Whoopi Goldberg claims GOP 'testing waters of fascism'

THE VIEW’S Joy Behar branded Donald Trump fans the “lowest denominator” on Tuesday as co-host Whoopi Goldberg accused Republicans of “testing the waters of fascism.”

Behar made the comments as she and other hosts slammed the GOP’s response to wearing masks and claimed that they are just angered because “Joe Biden is killing it.”

She accused Republican leaders of pandering to the “cult” of people “enamored by Trumpism” as she claimed it had been a “week of crazies on the Republican side.”

The View host branded a number of conservative lawmakers as “un-American” and also accused them of attempts to distract away from what she claims is their own lack of policies. 

“Rick Santorum is saying native American culture never existed, Lindsay gRaham says that there is no systemic racism in the United States, and Newt Gingrich says that a gay pride flag is unAmerican,” Behar said. 

“The question is what is going on here? Now, these are not stupid people, not really. 

“But they seem to be very cynically appealing to the very low denominator out there.

"Whoever these people are, who are so in the cult, who are so enamored of Trumpism and so hating of liberals, that they will believe anything that these guys tell them. 

“It’s very unAmerican,” she continued. 

Behar claimed that there is “no Republican position on what to do with the American people.

“This is a big distraction from the fact that Joe Biden is killing it in the United States because he’s got fantastic programs going on and the American people like it.

“They’re upset about that too. 

“It’s just an insane time we’re in and these people are making it worse,” Behar concluded. 

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed with Behar as she accused the GOP of attempting to “rewrite history” and “ inviting people to test the waters of fascism.”

“That’s what I think. To test the waters and see,” Goldberg said. 

The actress also accused the GOP of attempting to place the blame on Trump voters when they were behind the alleged “facsism.”

“Pretend that they didn’t do anything, that they brought nothing to the United States,” Goldberg claimed.

“Pretend this doesn’t exist, pretend so that they can all turn around and say it’s them, get them.”

Earlier in the show, Meghan McCain had taken a hit at Biden and Democrats over the “garbage messaging” on wearing masks. 

She said Biden was a laughing stock after he continued to wear a mask through a climate summit with world leaders, despite the meeting being held virtually. 

McCain claimed she “never understood” why the Centers for Disease Control wanted Americans to wear masks outside. 

"I think messaging about this has been garbage for a long time," McCain blasted.

"He’s vaccinated and in a room and on Zoom – why are you still wearing a mask? There’s a lot of theater about wearing masks," she added of the summit.  

"I never understand why people were asked to wear masks outside," McCain continued.

"Science and logic told us the place you were least likely to get Covid was outside, especially if it’s on a beach and if it’s sunny and if it’s windy.

"All this stuff in the middle, there’s a lot of Americans, especially Americans in red states who aren’t listening anymore.”

The CDC announced on Tuesday that vaccinated Americans can go outside without wearing masks, but it is still risky to gather in outdoor groups. 

The updated health advice comes as more than half of all adults in the United States have now received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.   

The move was confirmed by President Joe Biden at a White House press conference, saying the new advice was a direct result of steps the country had taken to fight the coronavirus.

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