These spooky TikTok videos will haunt your dreams – from ‘ghost’ that opened a wardrobe to ‘murdered boy in the window’ – The Sun

CREEPY child ghosts, haunted houses and scary shadows – horror lovers may not be able to flock to the cinema, but there's plenty of real-life chills on TikTok.

Lurking behind funny animal clips and viral dance videos, bizarre, creepy activity is terrifying fans of the video-sharing app and their thousands of followers.

Just this week, a dancer went viral after uploading a video of himself cutting some moves to Doja Cat’s song Say So.

The video was viewed 3million times, but while viewers were impressed by his moves, they were more obsessed with the sinister figure lurking in the background when he was supposedly home alone.

Spookily, this is far from the first example of TikTok users becoming freaked out by weird goings-on.

Here are just some of the other unexplained clips that will haunt your dreams… should you believe they're real, of course.

Barking mad

Like many of us right now, one user was chilling at home on the sofa with her three dogs watching TV – until  a spine-chilling moment left her so afraid she even moved house afterwards.

"The dogs are ready for bed, it's just a peaceful night here," she says, as she pans round the room to show her dogs sleeping.

However, as the camera stops on the hallway, one of her dogs suddenly becomes alert, and a shadowy figure quickly darts into view from one of the adjacent, pitch black rooms.

As the shadow quickly disappears, she understandably freaks out and screams "what the f*** is that?!"

Captioning and uploading the video, which has now been liked over three million times, she wrote: "I CANNOT believe I got that on camera. I'm happy to be out of that house. #ghost #haunted."

Deathly door 

What started off as a pretty standard makeup tutorial video for 19-year-old Alex Huff quickly turned into a scene from Paranormal Activity.

While explaining what highlighter and bronzer she uses, her face suddenly becomes frozen in fear as she notices the wardrobe door directly behind her has started slowly creeping ajar, before slamming and flying fully open.

Alex runs towards the door to check, and the lights suddenly flicker on and off.

"I swear on my mom's life this happened at 3am last night" Alex wrote when she posted the video.

"I am genuinely scared for you," one viewer commented, while another wrote: "If this happened to me I would never sleep in that room again."

'Look behind you!'

Home alone, one TikTok fan seemingly had no idea while filming a funny lip sync video for his 1.9m followers of the 'danger' behind him.

As he happily sings along, the outline of a person can be seen lurking in the background – much to the horror of some of his followers.

"Look behind you!!" one eagle-eyed viewer commented on the post, which has accrued over 27k likes.

Ghoul runnings

When one user posted a video of herself doing a dance routine to Chance The Rapper's 'GRoCERIES', she was horrified to discover a creepy small figure dashing past on the second floor landing behind her.

The video went viral, and was viewed more than 141k times on TikTok alone – and viewed 8.3million times on Twitter.

"That was a ghost for sure," one social media user commented.

Even rapper Chance joined in, Tweeting: "Ay it's a ghost up there."

Mass murder and child ghosts

When a paranormal writer from Florida, took a trip to a supposedly haunted house, she got a lot more than she bargained for – even spotting what appeared to be a child ghost lurking in one of the windows.

Zooming in on the figure, she asked "Do you see him?".

Explaining the history of the abandoned house, she reveals that rumour has it that a man went crazy and killed his entire family within the house after finding out his wife was cheating with the servant.

She says: "I'm just driving by randomly – look in the window. Please somebody tell me you see what I'm seeing – a kid."

Someone who lives nearby commented: "The kid is there everyday just so you know, in different windows."

Hair-raising horror

In a bizarre moment that can only be described as 'hair-raising', a dancer mimes along to Ashnikko's 'STUPID.'

However, her face soon becomes shocked, as she begins to feel an unusual presence around her, and her hair moves as if it's being pulled.

"I caught it on tape," she wrote, before adding: "I thought it was the fan at first but then I felt it pull."

"Time to burn some sage and get a priest up in there," one follower commented.

Even more creepily, she later explains: "My house does things like this."

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these videos have certainly left thousands spooked – and there's plenty more sinister coincidences out there.

Last year one mum captured a ‘child ghost’ running around her garden after moving into former Victorian school.

And earlier this month a 'ghostbuster' couple were slammed for continuing to hunt spooks during the coronavirus lockdown.

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