Thug knocked out policewoman who asked if his journey was essential

Thug, 29, knocks out police woman and beats dog with plank of wood at train station after he was asked if his journey was essential during coronavirus lockdown

  • Nelson Nelson, 29, of Aldridge, assaulted the officer at Nottingham train station
  • He attacked two others as well, dragging one into the path of oncoming bus 
  • Officers also found he had a lock knife on him after he was put under arrest 

A violent thug knocked out a police woman and violently assaulted two other officers after they asked him whether his journey was ‘essential’ amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Nelson Nelson, 29, tried to board a train at Nottingham station on Saturday but was stopped by two police officers who asked why he was travelling.

After he threatened to ‘knock them out’ he was escorted off the train and told he wouldn’t be allowed back on.

He flew into a rage and punched the two British Transport Police officers in the face so hard they fell to the ground, with one knocked unconscious and the other managing to get back up and chase after him. 

When the police man caught up with Nelson he dragged him into the path of an oncoming bus before running off towards a building site.

A dog handler from Nottinghamshire Police was drafted in to help, but Nelson charged at him with a plank of wood studded with nails, hurting the officer and the animal.

He today pleaded guilty to a string of offences and was remanded in custody for sentencing. 

Nelson Nelson, 29, of Aldridge, attacked a British Transport policewoman and man when they asked him whether his journey was essential during a routine patrol on Saturday 

When officers finally arrested him, he was also found to be in possession of a lock knife.

Both BTP officers were taken to hospital for treatment. 

The female officer was confirmed to have severe concussion and bruising to her face, while the male one suffered ligament damage to his jaw and thumb, as well as bruising and swelling across his body.

The Nottinghamshire Police officer and police dog thankfully were not seriously injured and didn’t require treatment.          

Nelson, of Aldridge, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court this morning. 

He pleaded guilty to two counts of Actual Bodily Harm, assault with intent to resist arrest, assault of an emergency worker, possession of an offensive weapon, possession of a bladed article, and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.      

The incident happened at Nottingham train station (pictured) 

Chief Inspector Gareth Davies said: ‘This was a truly horrifying incident which involved a sustained attack on multiple officers and a police dog, all just trying to do their jobs.

‘There is never an excuse for this sort of behaviour, but it’s all the more shocking to think this violent rampage began after Nelson was simply asked if his journey was essential.

‘Thankfully, no one was more seriously injured, and the officers involved are receiving the support they need.

‘Let me be absolutely clear, we simply will not tolerate aggression or violence towards police officers and we will do everything in our power to ensure offenders like Nelson are brought before the courts to face justice.’

Nelson will appear for sentencing on April 27.  

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