Trend of shaving teeth down to PEGS to get ‘perfect smile’ with veneers may leave you needing dentures, dentists say

DENTISTS are warning that a new trend of shaving down your teeth for the “perfect smile” could leave you needing dentures in the near future.

Influencers have been sharing their journeys of filing down their teeth – a permanent and irreversible process – to get white, shiny new ones.

On TikTok, both men and women have posted videos of themselves in the process of getting their “new teeth.”

One user, Ellise Noorah Hamadi, explained to followers in what appears to be a now-deleted video how she went to Turkey to get "veneers."

“Did i go to turkey and get my teeth shaved off for veneers,” she wrote alongside a photo of her thin, shaved down teeth.

She later shared, and also appeared to delete, a video of what her teeth looked like before shaving them down – and they looked like perfectly normal white teeth. 

Dentists bombarded the video with replies and warnings, saying the TikToker didn’t actually get veneers, but rather crowns.

One dentist, Shaadi Manouchehri, said in a video posted last week: “Those are not veneers, those are full coverage crowns.”

“Shaving teeth down to pegs like that is going to damage the nerve, and you’re gonna need a root canal treatment and an extraction at some point in your life.”

The dentist went on to say that “veneers or crowns will need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, typically.”

Referring to Hamadi, the dentists said: “Now she is a gorgeous young woman.”

“I think she’s what, around 18 or 19 maximum – and she is gonna need to replace them probably four or five times throughout her lifetime, if not more.”

Manouchehri said from this will come both financial and biological burdens.

“She’s a gorgeous lady and she’s just ruined her teeth,” the dentist concluded. “She’s gonna have dentures by the age of 40.”

People choose to get veneers to “improve their smiles” that would allow for tooth gaps to close, having discolored teeth brighter and more white, or changing the overall appearance of them.

But as Manouchehri pointed out, influencers and young adults are replacing their healthy teeth when it’s not necessary.

Veneers consist of a very thin layer of porcelain that’s bonded to the front of teeth, and leaves more of them intact, as only a little bit of the tooth is shaved off. 

Crowns are more aggressive and invasive to teeth, as they required more of the tooth to be filed down, looking like pegs.

Another dentist, Zainab Mackie, shared a similar TikTok video, saying there’s a “major difference” in crowns and veneers.

She explained that crowns are used for cavities that need to be taken out, or if teeth are already broken.

Because crowns needed to be replaced in as little as 10 years, Mackie said people should avoid filing their teeth down to pegs. 

A search of dental videos on TikTok shows that many people have, or are contemplating, flown to other countries to get crowns on their teeth.

According to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, typical veneers can cost $925 to $2,500 per tooth, and last 10 to 15 years on average.

Crowns can range from $1,000 to $3,500 and last 10 to 15 years or longer.

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