Trump trolls Joe Biden's embarrassing Air Force one fall and mocks his 'hard time going up the stairs'

IN his speech on Saturday, Former President Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden for his infamous Air Force One fall.

As he joked, the former president recalled when he almost had a similar fall walking down a ramp at West Point.

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In March, Biden stumbled and appeared to fall as he boarded Air Force One. Trump joked about the fall, suggesting the media didn't cover it.

"Do you ever notice when he had a hard time going up the stairs on the plane? Nobody talks about that," Trump said. "The news didn't cover it. Not one network covered it."

The video of Biden falling made the rounds through FOX News, NBC News, CNN, and other news sites.

Trump compared the incident to when he walked cautiously down a ramp after giving a speech at West Point in June 2020. He said he nearly held on to the general walking beside him.

"I had a ramp that was an ice skating rink, and I called and I said to the general, I said general, I may have to grab you because the last thing I'm doing is going down," Trump said.

"So I walked gingerly down and that was on every newscast in the world, and I never went down. I never went on my ass, I'll tell you. I wasn't gonna fall. I think that was a boobie trap," he continued.

At the time of the incident, Trump referred to the media frenzy as "ramp gate."

"They made that a big story, but they didn't make the Biden fall, the triple fall, I call it the triple fall," Trump said on Saturday.

Both Trump and Biden, 74 and 78 respectively, have had their fair share of gaffes and blunders.

In the same speech Trump referenced at West Point, he used both hands to lift a cup of water to drink. That combined with the ramp incident led people to speculate that he could have Parkinson's disease.

At his speech on Saturday, Trump tripped on his words during his speech, saying we should "defund our freedoms" presumably instead of "defend our freedoms."

He also appeared to have a clothing malfunction.

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