UK weather forecast – SNOW falls in London and Leeds on first day of summer as temperatures plunge to -4C – The Sun

THE MET Office has forecast an icy twist to the official start of summer with snow, hail and sleet briefly grazing most of the UK, especially in the south east.

After the glorious few days of sunshine over the weekend, temperatures are due to plummet to as low as -4C at night and stay around the single digits with cloudier, more unsettled weather to continue into the week.

Sunday will see temperatures struggle to claw back from last night's frosty -4C start to reach double digits, only to be further hampered by a bitter northeasterly wind and grotty patches sleet in places.

Temperatures will be dancing around zero for a lot of the week, turning incoming freak showers into sleet, snow and sometimes hail.

That turbulent weather cocktail is expected to batter the eastern coast and gradually move inland, before heading for the high ground in the north later on.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Dan Suri said: “It will stay drier and brighter elsewhere, even so, it will be a marked change from the 18 or 19 Celsius we have been seeing in a few spots this week.

"This cold, bright weather is due mainly to a high-pressure system that is developing to the west of the UK, which will bring cold air down from the north."

The rest of the week will see a lot of us getting caught out by intermittent heavy showers breaking up the otherwise dry days.


The West of the UK will be dry with sunny spells. Wintry showers will affect central and eastern areas, with wind and hefty showers harassing the southeast throughout the day making it feel chillier than usual.


Cloud will settle in across northern, central and eastern areas, bringing a few showers.

Skies remain nice and clear in the west where a frost is likely later on with a pleasant, yet still rather nippy breeze.


Tomorrow will generally be a little gloomier than today, though some sunshine is likely to break through from time to time, mainly in the west again.

Showers will persist in central and eastern areas, some heavier showers sticking around in the southeast.

There will be less wind but don't leave your coat at home as it will still be a bit chilly.

Tuesday to Thursday

Midweek will be much of the same dry and cloudy weather mixed in with the hope of some sunshine Tuesday and Wednesday.

More cloud, light rain, and wind is expected for Scotland and Northern Ireland on Thursday.

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