Vizla dog stands stock-still in hilarious stand-off with a frog

Don’t move a muscle! Vizsla freezes for over a minute in hilarious stand-off with frog but still misses it when he pounces

  • Denver, a four-year-old Vizsla from New Hampshire, spotted a frog in a pond 
  • The Hungarian breed are hunting dogs and Denver ‘points’ at the tiny prey 
  • His owner Angie Miller filmed the interaction which took place on July 29

This is the funny moment a dog keeps incredibly still for over a minute while attempting to hunt a frog.

Denver, a four-year-old Vizsla from New Hampshire, spotted the frog in a pond while out on a walk with his owner, Angie Miller. 

He froze, staring at the frog very intensely until he finally tried to catch it – but the speedy amphibian jumped clear of his jaws. 

Denver, a Vizla dog, faces off with a frog in a pond near his house in New Hampshire on July 29

Owner Angie was out for a walk on July 29 when Denver caught sight of a frog perched on some reeds in the pond close to their house.

The video shows the dog freezing as he aims his nose at the frog, completely transfixed for well over a minute. 

The intense pose he holds is called a ‘point’, and is performed by hunting dogs to draw their owner’s attention to their quarry.

Denver’s owner, Angie Miller, filmed the interaction as her dog froze and remained completely transfixed for well over a minute

The frog looks petrified under the dog’s stare – but it manages to escape its predator at the last second

His owner finds it extremely funny and laughs at her dog, saying: ‘You’re ridiculous.’ 

While Denver’s nose twitches with excitement, he maintains his pose for one minute and twenty seconds.

Finally, with a lick of his tongue, Denver pounces.   

However, the frog is too quick for him and escapes his jaws.  

Angie said: ‘Vizsla are hunting dogs, so we’ve seen him point before, but never like this!  

Vizslas are a Hungarian medium-sized, energetic breed. They are natural hunters endowed with an excellent nose.

They have a friendly nature, enjoy human company and are easy to train. 

Vizsla dogs like Denver are Hungarian hunting dogs that have an excellent sense of smell 

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