Weather forecast – 'African heat flare' to bring 10-DAY UK heatwave next week after 25C today

BRITS are set to scorch next week in an 'African heat flare' bringing a 10-DAY heatwave to the UK.

Yesterday was the UK's third hottest day EVER – and the summer sun is set to continue into next week with temperatures in mid 30Cs.

A 700 mile-wide 'African heat flare' will bring temperatures up to 35C next weekend, with the hot weather continuing until mid-month.

The Met Office forecast “deja vu” days of sweltering heat next week – plus further “very warm spells” later in August.

August is poised to “rescue summer," according to forecasters, following the record-breaking heat yesterday.

Mercury hit 37.8C in London yesterday – making it the third-hottest day in the UK EVER.

The highest ever UK temperature, 38.7C, was recorded in Cambridge University Botanic Garden last year on 25 July 2019.

Following that, the second hottest day ever was a record of 38.5C in Faversham, Kent, in August 2003.

Beaches were rammed as sun-seekers were told to stay away from the shores as coastlines in Bournemouth and Brighton were packed to capacity.

Roads melted in the heat, and Network Rail halved some train speeds as rails risked buckling.


The intense heat made Britain hotter than the 28C town of Hell, Michigan, and 36C Tamanrasset, Algeria, in the Sahara Desert.

The Coastguard had its busiest day for more than four years on Friday – as it dealt with more than 300 incidents.

Thanet District Council asked people to avoid four of the area's beaches, including Margate's Main Sands, due to the number of visitors.

Leader of the council Cllr Rick Everitt said: "Early on, it became clear that they were going to reach levels of which we were concerned about."

Authorities also expressed concern about keeping tourists safe in the water, as well as the potential spread of Covid-19 and maintaining social distancing.


Coastguards protecting Britain's beaches dealt with more than 300 incidents yesterday – the highest number in five years.

There were 329 alerts yesterday – including callouts for coastguard volunteer rescue teams, lifeboats, aircrafts and hovercrafts.

Many of the safety alerts involved people cut off by the tide, reports of missing children and swimmers and paddle-boarders getting into difficulties.

Call outs were heaviest along the east and south coast and the north west of England – top of the list was Liverpool and nearby Wirral.

Julie-Anne Wood, duty operations director for HM Coastguard said: "It was a beautiful day weather-wise across much of the UK – but it was a less beautiful day for those who got into trouble and had to be rescued. Some people will remember the date for all the wrong reasons.

"We completely understand that people want to enjoy the coast. But we also know that even the most experienced swimmer, paddle-boarder and walker can be caught out by currents and tides.

"We are heading into a spell of good weather and we would ask everyone to check and double-check the tide times – put a timer warning on a smartphone to remind you – and be aware of things like rip currents, and make sure you have a means of contacting us if things do go wrong.

"We will always respond when someone calls 999 and asks for the Coastguard and we'll always answer distress on VHF and do everything we can to rescue those in need.

"All we ask in return is that people take extra care at the coast – it can be unmerciful to the unwary and even to those who know it well."

Despite next weekend's forecast, many Brits face daily showers as highs plunge to 25C from tomorrow until Wednesday.

However, the warm weather will pick up again, as 30C sizzles are set to cheer up millions of Brits on staycations.

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “August could rescue summer.

“Computer models suggest a very warm or hot period from Thursday, lasting for as long as mid-month. 35C is possible again.”

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “There are growing signals for further hot weather ahead. It could be deja vu with another southerly flow.


“But it's back to square one at the start of the week with a cool north-westerly.”

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: “The great news for millions on staycation is August looks kinder than summer so far.

“30C is on the cards again later in the week. And plenty of fine weather is further ahead, with more potential for the 30s than for much of summer so far.”

A Met Office forecaster said: “There are increasing signs many parts will become very warm towards the end of the week, with hot conditions possible in the South-East.

“The weekend may see be cooler – but the following week sees further bright, warm weather likely for much of the UK, and very warm weather possible.

“August 15-29 may have further short very warm spells, with signs conditions become more widely settled across the UK towards the end of the month.”

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