Who is travel influencer Kaitlyn McCaffery?

SOCIAL media influencer Kaitlyn McCaffery suffered a tragic accident in Bali while on vacation.

McCaffery was found unconscious near the side of the road and was transported to a hospital.

Who is travel influencer Kaitlyn McCaffery?

Kaitlyn McCaffery is a travel blogger and entrepreneur.

The 27-year-old graduated from Cal State Fullerton five years ago with a degree in business entrepreneurship.

She set out to travel the world and has now visited more than 50 countries, according to her family.

McCaffery native launched an online business selling fair trade accessories last year with her friend Ellie.

According to their official Instagram page, the two describe themselves as "two girls changing people’s relationship with manufacturing."

What happened to Kaitlyn McCaffery?

McCaffery suffered a traumatic brain injury after her motor scooter crashed in Bali.

Two locals brought her to a hospital in Denpasar where she remains in a coma, but her family says the language barrier has complicated her treatment.

Her family created a GoFundMe to cover the cost of taking her back to her home state of California after her international insurance company refused to foot the bill.

They recounted the events of her accident, writing: “Two young men found her on a remote road, alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding. Without their help, she surely would have died."

“The costs to evacuate her using an experienced international medevac company, such as Air Med or International SOS, are extremely daunting.

"Due to the distance and COVID-related border closures, it is estimated that the cost will be approx. $250,000 US Dollars.

"The family has found a major trauma hospital in Northern California that is able to accept and care for her."

The campaign has since raised over $300,000, exceeding its $250,000 goal.

Just a day before her accident, McCaffery took to Instagram to honor her moving to the island.

 "Two months in Bali!" she wrote. "Loving where I live, the people I have met so far, and the warm warm air. So happy to call this place home."

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