X-Factor singer Danny Tetley has sexual exploitation sentence CUT

EXCLUSIVE: X-Factor semi-finalist Danny Tetley has his sentence for sexually exploiting seven teenage boys CUT after judge rules original term was too severe

  • X-Factor semi-finalist Danny Tetley, 40, was jailed earlier this year over offences
  • But the singer has appealed his sentence and has had it cut by judge in court
  • Tetley, who exploited teenage boys, had punishment slashed from 17 to 14 years
  • The NSPCC had said he was a ‘predator’ who had used fame to target victims 

An X Factor star jailed for sexually exploiting several teenage boys has had his sentence slashed – shortening the time he will be closely monitored by authorities when he is freed.

Danny Tetley – caged in January for exploiting seven youngsters – used his star status on the show to target some of his victims.

His offending saw a judge brand him a ‘despicable’ creature and led to him being given an extended sentence of 17 years – of which nine will be behind bars.

But MailOnline can reveal Tetley, 40, has won a bid to get his punishment cut, meaning he will be closely monitored on license for just five years when he leaves jail. 

An appeal at the High Court presided over by Lady Justice Simler said the sentence was too long for the crimes.

Previously Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC had ruled at Bradford Crown Court he should be watched for eight years in public. 

The news will sicken his victims, one of whom said they were unable to trust adults anymore and likened him to paedophile Jimmy Savile. 

Danny Tetley, 40, was jailed in January for after admitting causing sexual exploitation of boys

The Criminal Appeal Office confirmed to MailOnline: ‘The full court allowed the appeal and the sentence is now an extended sentence of 14 years, comprising a custodial term of nine years and an extended period of license of five years.’ 

Extended periods of licenses are put in place by judges to ‘protect the public from serious harm’.

Tetley had admitted seven charges of causing sexual exploitation of boys and two counts relating to the distribution of indecent images. 

He had coerced them into sending sexual images and videos in exchange for money from October 2018 to August 2019.

The court had heard his celebrity status had ‘now gone, tarnished and destroyed’, but the impact of his crimes on his victims had been ‘most distressing’.

Tetley got through to the semi-finals of the 15th series of X-Factor thanks to his singing

Judges on the show had no idea about Tetley’s secret life, which was branded ‘despicable’

Tetley was branded ‘predator’ by charity 

The NSPCC said Tetley had used his fame to help him commit his crimes.

After his sentence a spokesman said: ‘Tetley’s use of his TV appearances and promises of money in the thousands of messages he sent these boys, are an example of the depraved lengths that predators will go to in their pursuit of victims.

‘This kind of abuse can have a profound and long-lasting impact, and this case underlines why it is so vital that social media companies are forced to make safeguarding our children their top priority.

‘We continue to call on the Government to introduce new legislation that enforces a formal Duty of Care to keep young people safe online.’

Prosecutor Michael Smith said: ‘He used his fame to influence or help persuade children – some of them he also groomed – to get them to send him indecent pictures.

‘He used WhatsApp and would send photographs of himself. Aside from the requests for images, he would engage the boys in highly sexualised chat.’

Judge Hall QC told him that those in the public eye had a deep responsibility to do additional work for society.

But he added: “Many will see you, I’m afraid, for what you are, to some extent: a despicable creature with very few redeeming features.”

The judge said there was significant interest in the sentencing “because of the extent of the depravity displayed in this case.

Describing the offending as “blatant and disgusting”, the judge added: “The level to which you sank, Mr Tetley, was unbelievable.”

He was originally jailed for nine years as part of a 17-year extended sentence involving eight years of close monitoring on licence after release.

Series 15 of the X Factor ran from September 1 that year to December 2, with some of the offences having been committed in the October.

Tetley had offered to get one of the youngsters into a VIP area at a rugby match.

He got through the boot camp stage of the show, presided over by Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda

Arrangements were made for them to meet, but a meeting didn’t take place.

The chat between the pair became more sexualised and the court heard that in mid May last year, Tetley had sent some naked images of four boys to this 14-year-old.

This is while one 15-year-old victim had provided Tetley with naked images.

It was said that the boys went along with ‘horny chats’ with Tetley in order to receive their payments of £50 and £100.

The court heard that they had later met Tetley at his home but that no sexual activity had taken place, with the victims claiming Tetley had been on cocaine.

Another 15-year-old said that Tetley had taken drugs in front of him at a party.

Tetley finished in sixth place on The X Factor in 2018 after reaching the semi-finals.

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